Biscuit Sandwich Games

Based in Ipswich, UK

Founding date

26 November 2019



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Biscuit Sandwich Games is an indie games development studio based in Ipswich, UK. The team is currently working on Ready Set Sumo!



Currently we are working on Ready Set Sumo! with the release planned for Q1 of next year.


Biscuit Sandwich Games was created in May of 2019 by Tom Gibbs, Elliot Chester, Amy Potter and George Flude. The team was created to participate in the Tranzfuser Competition which we entered with the concept for Ready Set Sumo! In October we took our playable demo to EGX for the final round of the competition. We were chosen as one of the winning teams, enabling us to continue development of Ready Set Sumo!

On November 26th, Biscuit Sandwich Games Ltd was officially registered by Elliot and Tom.

Ready Set Sumo!

Ready Set Sumo pits up to four players and their crazy characters against each other to triumph in the ring. Battle to be the last one standing as you fight your way to victory, whacking and thwacking each other with out of this world weapons.


Using one of over 100 unique weapons from our massive arsenal, players fight through a variety of game modes, across multiple arenas avoiding dangers unique to each level, earning them rewards to customise their characters.

Sumo Showdowns

Battle with wacky weapons to be named the champion as you clash with enemies in the arenas, dodge dangers and try to survive the mayhem!

Even More Modes!

Keep the action going with friends or fight solo with a total of 6 game modes!

  • Dive into the nonstop action of Free for All as you fight for the highest score!
  • In Tournament Mode, battle across the game’s arenas to find the true champion!
  • Defend your castle zone from invaders in King of the Hill!
  • Fight to Keep the Crown for victory or steal it back!
  • The mad doctor’s forces will put your skills to the test in Survival!




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Awards and Recognition

Winners of Tranzfuser 2019

Voted Best Game at Bring Back Retro 2019

Team and contractors

Core Team

Programmer: Elliot Chester

Programmer: Tom Gibbs

Repeating Contributors

3D Artist: Sean Turner

3D Artist: Owen Chester